Arizona Cancer Evolution Center (ACE)


The Outreach Unit of the Arizona Cancer Evolution (ACE) Center brings together students, researchers, and the general public to consider the evolutionary pathways and ecology of cancer. We have three aims within our Outreach Unit: (1) to integrate and synergize our interdisciplinary team to produce real innovation and ultimately impact the field of cancer research; (2) to connect the Center with the wider Cancer Systems Biology Consortium, other scientists and the public to promote collaboration; (3) to educate the next generation of scientists and communicators in cancer research methods and encourage them to work in integrative teams in order to stimulate new ideas. We will achieve these aims through a comprehensive program that includes educational courses, online tutorial videos with accompanying monitored discussion boards, seminars, internships and public lectures and also an innovative creative activity – a unique, immersive new media exhibit, based on the work of ACE Center researchers, that visualizes the fundamental forces of evolution: mutation, selection and drift in relation to the ecology of cancer cells. This project will explore the intersection of science, art and technology to promote new ways of imagining scientific concepts. It will be displayed in major public galleries and conferences.

ImpactWe will stimulate public interest in cancer theory research and educate students, scientists and the public about ACE advances and our drive to understand the nature of cancer and its evolutionary origins. We will foster research and academic excellence and advance the goals of the National Cancer Institute.



Pauline Davies  (Project Leader)
Athena Aktipis  (Project Leader)
Pam Winfrey
Paul Davies
Valerie Harris


Seema Plaisier

Patient Advocate:

Chevas Samuels


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