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Arizona Cancer Evolution Center

Chevas Samuels

Patient Advocate

Chevas is an ASU-Cronkite alumna and writer and just a few years ago, she was a student and working with the former NCI funded Physical Sciences-Oncology Center at ASU. Back then, she never expected what she was learning about cancer to be useful, so soon, in her own life.

“Something was wrong, so I went to the doctor. It was Stage 1 Endometrial Cancer and I’m so happy I applied what I learned working with the ASU PS-OC and listening to my body, because we found it early and now I’m Cancer-free.”

When Chevas worked for the ASU Center, she was completing her broadcast journalism major, so it was a natural fit to help with the public outreach of the Center and to produce the newsletter on behalf of the PS-OC network. Now she is delighted to be a patient advocate with ACE, making use of her experience with working for the NCI and as a former cancer patient.

“I’m happy and honored to help with this latest Cancer Project, because now I have a different outlook on this disease. I feel more devoted by sharing my truth and I feel more responsible to everyone, including my own community, in making sure that we’re seeking preventive care, not just emergency care, and we’re living in a healthier way by educating ourselves about this disease, our family histories regarding cancer and the likelihood of being affected by it.  And new ways to help everyone understand and treat the disease are so important.”

Chevas adds: “If there was one thing I could tell everyone about Cancer, it would be to go to the doctor regularly, but go more often if something, even if the slightest little thing seems off, see your doctor, it could make a difference to the rest of your life.”  Chevas has been interviewing cancer survivors. Read the interviews below:

Chevas’ Interview with Cancer survivor, Tonja Harden 

Chevas’ Interview with Cancer survivor, Bob Riter

Chevas’ Interview with Cancer survivor, Rita Jackson

Mindy Miller


Mindy Miller has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in German as well as a Master’s Degree in Social work with a specialization in Child Welfare.  She worked briefly for the State of Arizona Department of Economic Security as a Child Protective Service Worker.  However, the majority of her clinical work was done during the 10 years that she worked for Crisis Nursery (now Child Crisis Arizona) as a social worker for the Shelter Program and then as the Clinical Director of the FACES Program (Families And Children Experiencing Success).  In this capacity she helped create the family support component of the program, worked with families who were at risk for child abuse and supervised social workers who also supported families.  Mindy has a soft spot in her heart for all children under the age of five and survivors of all kinds, including those recovering from the effects of substance abuse, trauma, domestic violence, and mental health issues.  Mindy stopped working at Crisis Nursery soon after the birth of her daughter and began traveling with her family on her husband’s extended trips to Europe. Eventually Mindy and her family moved to the Netherlands and lived there for close to five years.  Shortly after moving back to the United States in 2013, Mindy was diagnosed with HER2 breast cancer which then metastasized.  She has spent the last five years working hard to balance her various treatments for Stage IV HER2 cancer with being a parent, wife and friend.  She has been involved with Tempe Academy’s theater program and Library Program as a volunteer and serves on the Executive Board of the school’s Parent, Teacher and Student Organization (PTSO).