April 25
6 p.m.

Biodesign Auditorium
727 E. Tyler St. Tempe
AZ 85287

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The fluid phase of solid tumors is a clinical tool in personalized cancer care and an emerging research tool in basic science cancer discoveries. The Scripps Physics Oncology Center developed a set of tools for probing the fluid phase. The leading tool is the HD-CTC assay with which we are undertaking a series of clinical studies investigating the metastatic pathways in cancer patients. We are now coupling the experimental data with a theoretical framework for a more complete description of the disease progression.
The fluid phase of solid tumors is a critical third microenvironment in the development and progression of carcinomas. Cells originating from primary or secondary sites travel through the blood circulatory system to either get cleared out or initiate new tumor growth. Translational research efforts are attempting to identify the various subtypes of circulating tumor cells (CTCs), their origins, their destinations and their impact on the disease. Understanding and characterizing CTCs is a first step towards utilizing them as both biopsy material and directly as a biomarker. It requires approaches of subtyping CTCs at the single cell level using molecular and cellular approaches.
Results will be presented that describe technical developments and validation, clinical validation and clinical utility of the HD-CTC Technology.