ACE researcher, Athena Aktipis, will give a public talk on the ubiquity of cancer among all multicellular lifeĀ on March 27th, from 4-5pm at the Biodesign Institute Auditorium. Join us for the talk, and the reception that follows on the patio of Biodesign C, to celebrate the official opening of the cancer cactus garden!

Cancer is not unique to humans. All multicellular organisms – from cacti to coral – grapple with this disease. Cancer is linked to the evolution of multicellularity and to the cellular cooperation that enables complex organisms to thrive. When that cellular cooperation breaks down this can lead to cancer. By looking at cancer across the tree of life, we can gain important insights into what cancer is and how we can treat it better. With this perspective we can transform cancer from a disease that threatens our lives to one we can live with, as our multicellular ancestors have for millions of years.