ACE, The Center for Evolution and Medicine, and the Biodesign Institute are delighted to host Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz for a public lecture on Thursday, January 16, 2020, 5 – 6:00 pm. The talk, titled From Fish to FOMO: How Social Media and the Ancient “Biology of Comparison” are Shaping the Moods, Relationships, and Fates of Modern Human Teenagers, will take place in the Biodesign Institute Auditorium. The talk will be followed by a reception and book signing (there will be an opportunity for attendees to purchase a copy of Wildhood).

Abstract: The worrisome rise in anxiety and depression among adolescents has been linked to social media. This connection, however,  is not well understood. Social media is, at its core, about comparing and being compared with others. Modern adolescent anxiety is driven by the  “biology of comparison” which evolved in ancient fish to help individuals navigate their social relationships. Understanding the 500 million year history of being sized up, assessed, and comparing to others offers a  powerful new approach to better understanding and helping the anxious adolescents in our lives.

Bio: Barbara Natterson-Horowitz, MD, is a Visiting Professor at Harvard in the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology and Professor of Medicine at UCLA. Her research focuses on the natural world as a source of insights into human pathology and developmental challenges.
Her  newly published book, Wildhood, uses the lenses of evolutionary biology, neuroscience and animal behavior to better understand the species-spanning challenges of growing up.

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