Welcome to our new ACE Interns and all the other undergraduate students who are working on our projects. We love having you with us!

It’s great just how many students have joined ACE – we have 11 formal interns and many more obtaining course credits. They are a really vibrant group, studying a wide range of topics in cancer, from breast cancer across mammals and a first of its kind exploration into cancer-like diseases in sharks to the relationship between food deserts and cancer incidence.

The ASU based students mostly work on their ACE related research in pairs or small teams during the week and get together as a group each Friday to report on their progress. The group is ably directed by Zach Compton, a doctoral student with ACE, whose broad interests in cancer and computing and passion for mentoring make him ideal for this role! Their group’s discussions are always stimulating and educational as students learn from each other, making the most of everyone’s interests and expertise.

Since our research projects are theoretical or computer based, the students aren’t handicapped by not being able to meet in person. So, at this time of Covid-19, the team is meeting via Zoom, and the conversation keeps flowing!