The C Word

The C Word is a podcast that explores the emotional impact, the science, and the social ramifications of cancer. The C Word will be a multi-season podcast that will utilize different approaches each season to explore cancer’s biological, social, and cultural complexities in a way that engages the general public.

We are currently working on producing season 1 of The C Word podcast, titled “Betsy on the run” and featuring a young woman who receives a cancer diagnosis and goes on the road. As Betsy encounters people and problems along the way, we divert the narrative and through conversations, interviews, and meetups, begin to explore topics that reach into a variety of issues, ideas, and controversies. We have produced one staged reading in front of lab members, patient advocates, and other interested parties. Judging from the initial response, we expect that “Betsy” will be a welcome experiment in both form and content.

Art by Neil Smith