Sir Paul Nurse, Director of the Crick Institute, London, is a Nobel prizewinning geneticist, former President of The Royal Society and of Rockerfeller University, and is Chief Scientific Advisor to the European Union.  He will deliver the 2021 Beyond Annual Lecture co-hosted by the Arizona Cancer Evolution Center on the topic of his new book What is Life?

The lecture will be followed by a panel discussion featuring four ASU scientists: Joshua LaBaer, Executive Director of the Biodesign Institute, Athena Aktipis, co-Director of The Human Generosity Project and a lead investigator of the Arizona Cancer Evolution Center, Sara Walker, an astrobiologist and theoretical physicist researching the origin of life and the search for life beyond Earth, and Leland Hartwell, Nobel Prizewinner, leader of the HoneyBee clinical trials program and previous President and Director of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Moderating the Panel will be physicist Paul Davies, Director of the Beyond Center for Fundamental Science and a member of the Arizona Cancer Evolution Center.

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