Once again, we attended the City of Chandler’s Innovation Fair.  The fair, in the center of town, attracted over 6000 visitors, mainly families, who came along to experience the excitement of the science taking place in Arizona’s Valley of the Sun and explore its impact  on our daily lives. It was a superb day.  Our team of ACE Scholars and past and present communication students was kept busy throughout.

We had a site where children made biological cells out of slime and Play-Doh and another table where they squashed strawberries and did a science experiment to bring out the DNA.  It was a great opportunity to talk to the children and their parents about cancer in a very child friendly way.  Science and communication student, Bianca Dapon, mixed slime whilst explaining science to the children:

The fair was not only an opportunity for me to gain insight into communications and education, but to also to help families who were excited to see the joy of learning shine through their children,” said Bianca. “That day was a gift in showing me that people truly do care for each other by coming together to share knowledge. I think that knowledge is best when shared and passed onto future generations, for that is how creative, innovative ideas are born.

The students appreciated how art is a medium that allows science to be taught to a wide array of audiences and ages.  Here’s Bianca again:

Art allows science to be understood easier, and allows for scientific methods to flourish. By combining art into science – for example, like our booth did with Playdough to build cell diagrams, and strawberries to extract DNA – all ages are able to creatively work to understand how our bodies function everyday. The children and their parents at the fair were proof of that!

ACE also did hands-on science demonstrations, led by ACE doctoral student, Gissel Marquez Alcaraz, at the Arizona Natural History Museum’s special event.  We also set up our cancer memorial tree.  Our wonderful advocate, Chevas Samuels and her daughter, Auburn are excellent at encouraging the public to consider the research going on to control and prevent cancer whilst remembering the human toll of the disease.  It was another excellent Spring ’23 cancer science experience for the public of all ages to enjoy!