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Cancer and the Nature of Life


Brief abstract: People once believed electricity was the spark of life. Now it’s been discovered that electrical effects do in fact help shape bodies and tissues. Exactly how remains a mystery, but the burgeoning field of bioelectricity is transforming our understanding of embryo development, organ regeneration and, above all, cancer. ‘Electrocuetical’ drugs promise to replace toxic chemotherapy for cancer treatment.

Chandler Innovation Fair

Come along and visit us at the Chandler Innovation Fair, part of the Arizona wide SciTech Festival.  We will be there with our cancer memorial tree and our hands-on experiments

Methods in Evolution and Cancer Bootcamp

View Application Form and Apply General Description: Arizona Cancer Evolution Center (ACE)  will hold its first Methods in Evolution and Cancer Bootcamp between December 2-6, 2019, at Arizona State University in Tempe. During this week-long event, experts will demonstrate cutting-edge techniques in computational biology that enable researchers to better visualize cancer development. Through lectures and